Yup, gonna be one of those guest comic weeks again, the perils of the holidays and responsibility. You’ll find out some day, youngins. Next year I plan to get a mobile drawing tablet at some point so this is no longer an issue, but until then, we gotta work the hand we’re dealt. You could be the Ravens, and whine about everything, or you could be the Steelers, fresh off a playoff berth and overly self congratulatory every year. STAIRWAY TO SEVEN HURF DERF! PEROGIES AND SHIT. SIDNEY CROSBY.

First off, good job Steelers, you did the thing. The Ravens did not do the thing. The Steelers managed to go this year with only a few games Ben-less and have succeeded in managing to get scary again just in time for the annual “Ben gets clobbered and then throws the game away because he’s braindead” playoff game. I’m thinking divisional round against the Pats. The Ravens are finally out of it, and that’s nice and all, because I have spent this entire season trying to figure out who the Ravens actually are as a team. Are they a defensive team propping up a bad O? Vice Versa? What are the Ravens actually good at? Well, doesn’t matter now.

RIP the Titans and Raiders. Tragic as hell we don’t get playoff Mariota and the Raiders are probably complete toast now with Carr gone. Once again the Pats get basically a free pass to the championship. Get your shit together, AFC. I’m sick of seeing the same damn teams every year. We finally get an exciting new team and the QB dies.

Congrats to the Dolphins as well! You go, Dolphins. You go. Lol the Bills. Rex Ryan gonna be the next Rams head coach, book it.


Are we really getting the Texans/Chiefs in round 1 again? Ugh. Maybe it’ll be fun if the Chiefs play Dontari Poe at QB.

Hope ya’ll had a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday, or whatever you do. And thanks to James Gibson (who has helped me out before) for the cheerful guest comic, much appreciated sir!