Consider this comic this season’s “Welcome Back Football, we love you” joke I usually do every year.

Today I am flying back from the UK, so I needed one final guest comic, and I think I saved the most appropriate for last. James is a friend of mine from RIT and he’s now a storyboard artist at Dreamworks. He knows absolutely nothing about football. I fully believe he just googled football terms so he could write something in those first few panels before things get weird. He doesn’t know what a gridiron is, I would place money on it. I would also like to laugh at how this comic confirms that all cartoonists like to draw themselves actually cartooning, which I’ve done quite a lot of.

But it’s still an honor to have you on the site James and thanks for helping me out. I’m thankful you decided against using the term “Tight End” anywhere in this comic. Nor “Penetration”. Or “Wide receiver”, or really any other of the myriad of football words that can be used suggestively. You kept it classy.

However I would never wear a blue and yellow diagonal striped tie, this friendship is over.

I want to thank everyone for their patience during this period of my life. I hope all the guest comics were fun to read and kept you entertained, it was fun to showcase some other people on the site. I realize it was an awkward time to get married what with week 1 happening while I was gone, and I’m sure I missed a hell of a lot of material that I’ll likely never get a chance to touch on, but such is life. Normal comics will resume now.