Read the last two comics if confused. I’m sad to see you go, Too Much Mustard, but I loved watching you sail away. May Jeff George finally find the peace (of ass) he was looking for.

I’ll leave you not with my own words, but with Rob’s. 

Hey all, Rob Press here. You might also know me by Toaster Beef, which is the name I go by on the Something Awful Forums—where I started making crappy little stick-figure football comics about seven years ago. Those comics eventually bloomed into Too Much Mustard, a series that has perservered over the years in spite of a lack of hosting, then multiple changes in hosting, and finally—perhaps most damningly—the repeated prolonged and inexplicable absences of its creator.

However long I fell off the face of the earth, Too Much Mustard was always there to reel me back in. Over the years, I found it to be something akin to going home again. I’d worry things were too irrevocably different to pick up where I’d left off, only to be surprised and then comforted by how easy it was. That feeling—combined with Too Much Mustard’s small but dedicated fanbase, forever and always consisting of the coolest and most patient people on the face of the planet—was always enough to get me back into the swing of things, eager and able to rattle off another batch of comics.
That said, seven years is a long time to do anything, even as inconsistently as I have done it—and I think, as the regular season approaches and I’m not feeling that familiar urge to get back to writing these comics, it’s about time to move along.
If you’re unfamiliar with Too Much Mustard and were puzzled as to why today’s comic seems so sentimental, hopefully that clears it up a bit.
Across the Something Awful Forums, Facebook, Twitter, and now three separate websites, the accumulated number of folks to whom I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks is so, so much greater than I ever thought would be reasonable to even hope for when I first doodled an MSPaint Revis saying “hup” and knocking things out of his teammates’ hands. Y’all have no idea how much your support has meant, and how gratifying it was for me to put a comic out there and see your reactions. That’s the part of this that I’m going to miss more than anything.
I’d very much like to thank Dave, of course, for giving me this space to finish out the series properly instead of just letting it dangle flaccidly like a Peyton pass or a Favre SnapChat. You’re a great guy, Dave, and I appreciate the opportunity.
All that being said, I’m not, like, dying or anything. I’ll be around. So maybe I’ll pick up another project tangential to this sometime down the line. We’ll see, I guess.
I’m gonna miss these stick-figure knuckleheads.