Seems like every couple of years somebody goes all in on a draft pick to grab that magical QB. This year we have the Jets going for the gusto. It’s a pretty interesting scenario we have here now.

I can’t decide if I like this move or not. These big blockbuster moves seem like they have a higher miss rate than hit. Wentz worked out. RG3 didn’t. Mark Sanchez didn’t, not really. Dion Jordan (remember when the Dolphins did that) definitely didn’t work out. Sammy Watkins didn’t either. Julio did. Trent Richardson did not.

The presumption is that the Jets are going after a QB. Probably Rosen, as Darnold appears more and more to be the #1 pick. Supposedly the Jets went after the #1 pick but the Browns didn’t budge. The Jets need a QB, as McCown is 75 years old and nobody knows if Teddy can even play anymore. But the QB spot is far from the only hole the Jets have, so is this wise to give up a lot of second rounders to possibly get “the guy”? I mean, probably. QB is important. But this is going to fuck the Jets if it doesn’t pan out. Todd Bowles somehow survived these past two offseasons, this smells a bit like desperation. On the other hand this might be the best chance the Jets have of getting the QB they need. But the question to me is…did they need to move up? And if they did…wouldn’t they have needed to move up at least one more slot to #2 to really ensure this was worth it? The biggest issue with this is that nobody knows what the fuck the Giants are going to do, so the Jets may still get screwed making this all for naught.

Lets look at the draft before this trade occurs.
1. Browns
2. Giants
3. Colts
4. Browns
5. Broncos
6. Jets

Of that group, the Browns and the Giants feel like the only real threats to take a QB. The Colts still have Luck. The Browns aren’t going to take 2 QBs. The Broncos signed Case Keenum and still have Paxton, who is a first round pick that has been too injured to completely judge. If the Jets hold their position, it feels like they probably have a decent chance of still getting one of the top 3 QBs. One of those teams is taking Barkley, one is probably taking Chubb. The wild card is the Giants. The Browns are going QB at #1 overall, this feels very obvious and makes perfect sense. It’s going to be either Darnold or Rosen, probably Darnold. Maybe Baker Mayfield because Browns. Then we get to a team that is nothing but smokescreens. The Giants have Eli, and seem to be behind him. They also have Davis Webb. Rumors of them taking Saquon have been around for a while. Now that they traded JPP, there are also rumors circulating they take Chubb now too. However Davis Webb wasn’t a high pick last year and the Giants are also a new regime and need an Eli replacement soon even if they still like him. I have no fucking idea what the Giants are going to do. No one does. Maybe they trade down and mess everyone up.

So the Jets may have moved up for nothing. If the Giants don’t take a QB, the Jets probably could have stayed put or maybe traded up with the Browns #4 pick instead. If the Giants do take a QB, it’s probably the guy the Jets wanted, and they have to settle. This feels pointlessly risky by the Jets. At least to me.

Of course there is a lot we don’t know. Maybe the Jets have talked with the Giants and know what they are gonna do. Maybe the Jets were scared someone else was going to trade up before they could, like maybe the Dolphins. Or the Bills. Maybe the Jets actually do want someone not named Darnold or Rosen. Maybe the Jets tried to deal with the Giants and the Giants said no. It just feels like the Jets played themselves here because they panicked a bit after losing out on the Cousins sweepstakes.

I hope whoever they do pick works out, for their sake. I’m always up for new blood in the AFCE.

For the record, I think the Giants are taking a QB. I’d love Barkley, but Eli’s time is almost up and this is likely our best chance to get one.