Well I’ll give the Bills some credit. They seemed to figure out Rex Ryan is a hack a little bit faster then the Jets did. Of course Rex torpedoed the Bills faster then he torpedoed the Jets.

It feels like the Bills are on the fast track to another rebuild. I was personally very skeptical of the Bills hiring of Rex in the first place. It didn’t seem like a good fit. The Bills under Marrone were a great defense and an anemic offense. To solve this problem, the Bills hired a defensive head coach who operates a scheme that didn’t fit the current personnel under Schwartz. I still think the Bills should have just hired Schwartz and went on a search for a good OC. Maybe even Greg Roman. Then last year the Bills defense completely regressed. The offense somehow improved, mostly due to Tyrod Taylor being not crap. The Bills got a lot of hype in the off-season because now the defense would have another year in Rex’s proven scheme, Tyrod would be back with more experience, and blah blah blah the entire AFC East gets hype every off-season because we’re all still waiting for the team that takes down the Pats.

Now Tyrod is not playing exceptionally well (I’m not entirely sold on him as the future as it is, One good season means very little in the NFL, look at Nick Foles), the offense spent the Ravens game looking terrible and the Jets game also looking somewhat lame, despite the high point amount. It felt like the Bills did nothing of value on offense all game against the Jets except for 4-5 big plays that got them points. Meanwhile the Jets tore the Bills defense apart. So after a shameful display by the Ryan brothers on defense, what happens? The Bills fire the OC. The Offense had some obvious problems and under different circumstances the firing might feel justified, but it’s hard to read this as literally anything but “Organizational panic as shit goes wrong”. Ryan has all the power, and Roman was probably the “outsider” on the staff he could most easily let go of. Unless the Bills magically figure it out within the next half season, they are toast by year end if they make it that long. I think the Bills are probably toast.

Lastly, as a side note: For those of you who read the Too Much Mustard finale last week, I have talked with the creator and he graciously accepted my offer to host all his old comics, since his own site went down. So for any of you who wanted an entire archive of glorious comics to read, we just made your day. The page as been added to the menu bar and can also be found here.