I love the Rams. They are a trolls of the NFL. Jeff Fisher is a bad coach, but he keeps his job probably because he manages to get this silly team with more talent than it deserves to occasionally just screw over better teams. But really, it’s usually always the Seahawks. I don’t know what it is. Maybe Jeff Fisher spends all camp designing plays just to screw over the Seahawks. Maybe it’s because the Rams have an incredible defensive line and the Seahawks biggest weakness is the O-line. Maybe something about the Rams is just so raw, so real, so unmarketable that human brand machine Russell Wilson simply cannot compute properly and shuts down robocop 2 style.

The Seahawks have so1me flaws, maybe slightly worse than previous seasons but they will be fine, so enjoy the tears and soak in the panic now while we can before Russell Wilson Bullshit reasserts itself and they make the playoffs and the 2012’s get irritating again. I never really understood why the Rams always get him. He was hurt this week, but this isn’t a new phenomenon. They just seem to get the Seahawks. I know they have a superior defensive line, but it’s not like that line seems to come in really handy against other teams. Russ is the best QB in the NFL at escaping and making things happen with his legs on the improv, but the Rams chokeslam him while merely pressuring other teams. It really is like kryptonite. Kind of like how the Peyton Manning Colts always seemed to lose against the Chargers for whatever reason. At least those Chargers teams were good. The Rams are terrible.

The Rams have been such a huge waste of talent under Fisher. It’s a shame really. Stan Kroenke doesn’t care about the team at all and just wants to build his little LA empire while the team putters about. Fisher will likely get his extension and stay the coach until the Rams new stadium and city is complete. They will continue to gut out terrible wins and losses and troll the Seahawks.