The Don’t Care Bear is back! It’s been so long. They pretty much have to rebuild Carealot every time it gets attacked because good ol’ Dont Care doesn’t help.

Honestly part of the reason I haven’t made a Dont Care bear comic or a Bears comic in general for a while now is because the Bears quietly became the league’s most uninteresting team. Last year I commented on the Vikings being such, but really the team I was looking for was in the same division, crying softly in the corner. Nobody thinks about the Bears. Nobody talks about the Bears. The Bears get zero press coverage. Part of it is because the team sucks, but Chicago is a longtime major market team with a lot of history. They aren’t the Titans, a bad team in a small market with little history. It’s weird to see them sort of vanish as they have.

So why have the Bears become irrelevant? Ignored? Forgotten? Lets break that shit down.

They are bad, but not historically so
The Bears are a largely terrible team. But they aren’t the 2008 Lions. Yet. They may end up as such and if they lose 5-6 more in a row people will begin to notice.

The Bears have no big or exciting names left on the roster
We’ve gotten used to Cutler. At this point Cutler is just Cutler. Dopey man who throws dumb picks, doesn’t care. He hasn’t improved or regressed enough to change perception. Matt Forte is gone, but he was already old. The defense is full of absolute no-names. Danny Trevathan? I’d wager 30% of fans know that name, and most of them would be Bronco fans. Alshon Jeffrey is the last big name on the Bears, but without B-Marsh opposite him he doesn’t seem quite as good.

The Bears have boring retread coaches
John Fox is as exciting as a baked potato with no sour cream filling. The man was literally fired from a Super Bowl contender for being too conservative, and goddamn GARY KUBIAK took his team to a championship win. Do people even remember the last coach, between Lovie and Fox? It was Mark Trestman. That’s a name you haven’t thought about recently. You forgot it already. The Bears can’t make exciting moves.

The Bears are on the downslide but haven’t hit the bottom
The Bears have been regressing as a team for several years, pretty much since the 2010 NFCCG. They haven’t quite hit bottom yet. Having a regressing team does no favors for your publicity. The press likes powerhouses, crazy weird teams, and teams on the rise. Teams slowly sliding into rebuilds are dull.

The Bears don’t play exciting football
I guess this goes hand in hand with the coaching but yeah. The last time the Bears were truly fun to watch was when Josh McCown was funslinging it around the field because he knew his time as a starter was short. Other bad teams have some excitement. Mariota is cool. Jameis is fun to root for and against. The Dolphins have….actually nah, the Dolphins are boring too.

So that’s what I think the Bears problem is. They are currently one of the most forgettable teams in the league. Maybe that will change, but it’s hard to think it will change this season.

We just Don’t Care about the Bears.