Thanks for your many years of big blue service, Jason.

I’ll never forget you doing backflips before the draft. I’ll never forget the Giants selecting you and saying “who the fuck?” before remembering you were backflips guy. I’ll never forget that time you blocked the Dallas field goal and helped propel us to the playoffs for a second run. I’ll never forget the Patriots being afraid of you because you have freakishly long octopus arms. I’ll never forget when you dunked Prince Amukamara in an ice tub and how everyone got really upset for a week. No one will ever forget how you blew your own hand to smithereens and then Adam Schefter lost most of his credibility as a person when he shared your medical records without permission. I’ll never forget your final hurrah two seasons ago, when you schooled the Browns and got half of your season sack total in one game, which resulted in the bloated contract the Giants have only now dealt with. You weren’t always great, but you were an above average DE for many years and the fanbase will look back upon you fondly. Thank you.

I’m sad to see him go but I wasn’t surprised to see it happen. The contract we gave him after 2016 was way too much considering how his production had bled off. JPP could be really good but he’d disappear a lot as a pass rusher and for a while we just couldn’t get sacks. We were going to cut him next year anyway unless he went nutso this season which I doubt would have happened. I also don’t know if he fits our new DC’s plans. We saved very little money this season but hey, the Bucs got a solid vet and we got a decent pick and we clear up cap space to extend OBJ and Landon Collins a bit later.

JPP’s best days are far behind him but I wish him well in Tampa. It’s gonna be weird seeing him in a Bucs jersey. To everyone out there in football joke land, I implore you: if you want to make a hook-buccaneers-JPP joke, try to not make the obvious one. That was my goal here.

Going back to OBJ for a second simply because it is current news: Yes, we are extending OBJ. I know much has been made out of him going elseware in recent days thanks to his antics, Gettleman’s history, blah blah blah but ignore all of the noise until something actually happens. OBJ is a media circus and his contract talk was always going to be a massive case of nonsense with everyone trying to find the right edge because “Star player gets big contract” isn’t that exciting. “Giant headache that may have gone too far and may shake things up” is very exciting, even if it is bullshit. Most of the “could be traded, and possibly to the Rams” crap that came out yesterday came from Pat Leonard. If you are unfamiliar with Pat Leonard, he works for the New York Daily News (also bad) and is the guy who basically said “Matt Patricia to the Giants is a done deal” for about 2 days before Patricia signed with Detroit. Pat Leonard is a hack who pulls shit out of his butt for headlines, and everyone who quoted him for a story (Like B/R) was just using OBJ rumors for #content. Ignore it. OBJ may end up getting traded but nobody should actually expect it.