I wonder how much shit JPP gets from his teammates in the locker room for his hand. Is it one of those things where his teammates are largely respectful of his accident and don’t make jokes? Or is the locker room as immature as most stories seem to indicate and JPP basically has to deal with hand jokes every day. Maybe every time he goes into the locker room people start asking him for high 4’s. I hope not. I love me a good pun but hand puns have worn themselves out even for me (says the guy who makes a comic about JPP hand being blown up).

I also wonder how many things we do randomly might actually offend him now, such as the cool explosion hand thing rad people do when they fist bump (Note, rad people is code for bro white dudes in this sentence). Finger guns. High Fives. Jokes about ugly mutants. He no longer has a true middle finger. Various rude fingerbanging jokes. Jeez I just now realized how JPP invented an entire new context for Fingerbanging.

He does seem like a more mature individual since this whole thing happened. You’d hate to see this sort of thing be the catalyst that gets a person to realize they need to get their shit together, but maybe in the long run JPP sacrificed dual wielding finger guns for adulthood. He’ll be an interesting watch this year, even though whenever he misses a sack due to not being able to grab the player gets overplayed on the replays while Cris Collinsworth says something obvious like “Yeah if you look at his fingers he just can’t get a grip” you don’t have to explain it Collinsworth I just saw that.

Football is sort of back fellas, have a great week.