I apologize for two Giants comics in a row. I wanted a Cruz joke for Tuesday but all I could come up with was a JPP joke so I went with that.

Victor Cruz has been in this weird limbo for two years now. At this point I’ve reached a level where I’m just assuming he’s completely done and moving on with what I’d like to see from the Giants WRs. If he comes back and plays for us? Great. At this point, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m done wondering and worrying about¬†a player who is likely never going to be what he was anyway. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us Cruz. You earned a spot in Giants lore and we will remember you fondly. You taught a generation of dorky white people to poorly dance the salsa. You seem like a great guy with a great future ahead of you. I wish you well. I don’t want this to be the end, but nothing seems to indicate it’s not.

This is pretty much the exact same thing that happened last year. He seemed ready, was taking snaps in practice. But he has a little nagging thing. No big deal. Take it easy. Then he didn’t play a preseason game. Then another. Then all of Preseason. Then he was missing games during the season. Then, finally, he was on IR. Now we come around again and he looks good all camp. He’s taking snaps in practice. But he’s got a nagging thing, no big deal. He’s missed one game of preseason, and didn’t practice on Wednesday, which doesn’t bode well for this weekend’s game. Cruz is toast. Cruz had a horrible injury and now he’s straining everything else because his body is compensating for the way the injury made him rehab. I was hoping we’d get one or two games from Vic before he re-injured himself but now it looks like we won’t even get that. If he doesn’t see the field this year the Giants are going to cut him, and it’ll be tough to find a job after two years out and let go by a franchise that has every reason to love him.

I think the saddest part of all of this is that his final football moment will be tearing his tendon on a failed 4th down in primetime in an incredibly disappointing loss to the Eagles. That was the most depressing game I’ve ever watched as a fan mostly¬†because of the scene of him crying as he’s carted off. It was heartbreaking. I don’t want that to be the final time Victor is on a football field. He deserves one more salsa. If he can get that this year, I’ll be happy. But until it happens, it’s probably best to just not consider him a factor for the team this year.