So this past weekend the Eagles did something they have never done before, they wore all black uniforms. Honestly, I rather liked it. i thought it was a slick look and way better than their Midnight Green jerseys, which I’ve never liked all that much. Seriously, the all blacks with the green trim and white numbers, with Green and White stripes on the pants…good stuff. Midnight green was always ugly to me. I think the Eagles should go back to Kelly Green, but if not that they should actually keep the all blacks. Or at least make the black jersey the primary and the stupid green the alternate. They were good uniforms.

Also I never got to make a good Riley Cooper is a racist joke when that news broke, so here it is now. Thanks to BobbyBigWheel during the game last night for the inspirational joke.

as for the game…
ugh, that game.

That game was the worst game I’ve watched since the 2000 Super Bowl. Even worse than the 2010 comeback, to me anyway. Comebacks happen and I was more mad at us letting them off the hook that game. When they came back to win I think the Giants deserved that pain for being stupid and complacent. This was a different experience. I’ve watched blowouts, I’ve seen my share of the Giants crapping themselves, but it happens. Football defines a lot of my life but not in the way that a loss or bad season isn’t going to wreck me. I’m out to find the fun in it. I’ve gotten okay enough with it that I can even have some fun with bad games and bad seasons.

But Cruz going down made that game feel different. Cruz is a beloved star. Local jersey boy, undrafted and unrespected, who blew the lid open one game in a replacement role and helped us win a Super Bowl. He’s a great guy, a class act, and really fun to watch (even if he gets the dropsies once in a while). He’s an integral part to our offense, someone who must be planned for regardless of how well he’s playing. Cruz is a Giants hero. Watching him go down on a non contact injury (you can see him try to jump but the knee just not work, and it likely caused him to drop the ball) and then hear he was screaming in agony and was carted off crying was just too much. The crying really got to me. I turned the game off. We had no chance at that point and our one chance to come back in it turned into our best WR being gone for the year. I can’t imagine the Giants even had the right mentality for football after that. I sure didn’t. It’s hard to feel funny when the curtain comes down and you see just how bad things can be, when you remember just how human the people playing the game are. I have little to no hope for the season now, and I think most of us will look back on this game and that play as the reason it all went wrong.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get our Cruz back, but I wish him well. Take your time, do the rehab right. Don’t rush it to come back with us, we will welcome you back with no reservations no matter what.

Kudos to the Eagles who played very well, hard to hate on a team that simply outplayed you to such an extent. Kudos to the fans, who didn’t act like classless dicks outside the average few who always do. This is far removed from the Eagles fan stereotype and I think maybe it’s time we let the Eagles fans being awful stereotype go a little bit. Every team has awful, ignorant people in their fanbases. There are Giants fans I’ve wanted to punch more than anyone else. Eagles fans have passion for their team and most of them are completely reasonable people. No one should judge a fanbase by the bad apples. I know it’s fun, but hate the individual, not the collective based on the individual.

With all that said, I leave with one ever important statement.

Fuck the Eagles forever and ever amen