So the Rams are just going with the murder interior, huh?

I mean really. The best DT in the game right now just got another top 10 DT to play next to him. Aaron Donald is a monster and now he gets to laugh then teams try to go the other way and Suh eats them instead. They are both being coached by Wade Philips. They added Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib. Is this team going to legitimately murder people? We’ll find out when Sam Bradford plays them for the first time.

I’m surprised the Rams could afford Suh and he didn’t seem terribly necessary, so him ending up there surprised me. I mean when you have a team with Aaron Donald on it you don’t really see DT as a weakness or necessity. You certainly wouldn’t expect them to go after anyone but a backup DT. But they grabbed and paid Suh. Shit got real. The Rams are going all in. I like it. We’re gonna have an arms race between LA and SF these next two seasons as the Cardinals flap uselessly about and the Seahawks decline. Gonna be interesting and fun. I’m all for it.

Anyway I just wanted to make a reference to Kong: Skull Island because it was a dumb movie that I watched recently and it was funny and Suh’s first name literally ends in the word Kong. It wasn’t a good movie but it looked pretty and delivered some pretty solid giant monster action. All you really need. I’d recommend it if you can catch it for free, don’t pay money.