What a weird game Rams/Steelers was. The turf catches fire on some pyrotechnics, Big Ben goes out, and the game itself is terrible.

The Rams beat Seattle to start the season and looked like the turned the corner, and now they look like the Rams again. No idea why that team cannot just get over the damn hump. It has to be coaching at this point. Maybe the move to LA has them distracted. Maybe the fire was practice for LA where everything is hot and there’s no water to put anything out.

No reason to lose to the Skins and to a Big Ben-less Steelers in a barn burner. The Steelers looked to be one of the prime AFC threats and now that’s in severe jeopardy. Thankfully Bell is back, but without Ben and a hurt O-line, Vick┬ástill has a challenge. He did very poorly in NY but the offense he was working with that season was probably one of the worst to begin with so I don’t hold it against him. His later Philly seasons are the more concerning. But now he’s got Brown, so he might be okay.