The NFC East is bad. I love it, because I love chaos and clownball and the NFCE brings that in spades, but they are bad. None of these teams deserves the crown. These teams are all bad. They all have cable.

Bad Comedian Eli Manning seems like the kinda guy who’d post really compressed image macros on your facebook wall. All of these gags I wrote are bad jokes I’d wager most of you have heard before. The Redskins one is recent, but the “No chance of a touchdown in (Team’s) Endzone is so old dirt was a teenager when it started. Yet every year some chuckle nut twitter parody account takes that gag, slaps the text on a picture of an endzone, and then gets a billion retweets from it. The “Let me down one last time” joke is old too. That Browns fan who died like two years ago put that joke in his obituary and that news story spread around, but I’d heard that joke at least several years before that, that guy gets no points for originality. The only one I sort of made up here was the America’s team one, but that was just me bastardizing a Daily Show bit.

One thing I do like is the Direct TV/Cable commercials, although I miss Rob Lowe. Petite Randy Moss is my favorite.