First things first: I know the Rams actually lost this week because Greg the Leg MISSED a 66 yard kick, and that it wasn’t in St. Louis but Miami.

I just wanted to make a kicker joke, and with the hype and ability of this Zuerlein rookie I felt he was good fodder, especially with the noise around him this weekend. Kickers are getting…powerful. I guess that goes across the board on all player types, but 45 yard field goals used to be hard as hell (Scott Norwood’s famous miss was 47 yards, and back then, that was a long distance) but these days 45 is almost a chip shot.

Greg “The Leg” “Legatron” Zuerlein lined up for a 66 yard shot at the end of regulation.  He pushed it left by about 6 feet, but he had the distance. The kick would have gone through the uprights from 70 if he had aimed correctly.

Sebastian Janikowski holds the record of 63 yards with a few others. Seabass has been the best kicker in the league for years.

David Akers, the old man, is one of the people tied with Seabass. Akers made a 63 yarder in Lambeau field week 1.

Jay Feeley made a 61 yarder for force overtime this week. Of course, he then shanked a 38 yarder and the Cardinals lost.

Matt Bryant of the Falcons missed a 55 yarder, but got iced by the Raiders, so he got a second chance (Icing is so dumb) and made it.

Anyway, I made this comic before Rivers completely melted down on Monday Night Football, so I had to make this instead of a Rivers joke. BUT I MADE RIVERS JOKES ANYWAY: