When I went to look up the QBs that have started for the Browns since the 1999 re-institution, I knew it would be a big list. It still managed to shock me just how bad it was. Considering the Packers list since 99 is probably just “Favre, Rodgers, and those two games Matt Flynn started”. ┬áThe Giants have had Kerry Collins, Kurt Warner, some dude named Jesse Palmer, and Eli in the same time period. It really puts things in perspective for how hard it’s been in Cleveland.

I don’t have high expectations for Brian Hoyer. He did win this weekend, and threw 3 TDs, but I have to wonder if it was a product of the “new QB no one has seen and being unprepared for” syndrome. They also played the Vikings, a team that appears to be just above the New York Giants in terrible. I could be wrong, he could be the next Tom Brady, but I’m going by probabilities here. I hope he at least spanks the Steelers, who might be a step below the New York Giants in terrible. We’ll see.

Also this is the second time Brady Quinn has been on a tombstone in the Draw Play. I must be doing something right.