Finally! Kirk Cousins got that mad stack of moolah. It’s about time.

I gotta admit, when it became clear that the Kirk sweepstakes was gonna happen, the Vikings were not my first choice for landing spots. I didn’t think they had the cap room, plus I figured they’d just roll with one of their 3 starter-level QBs they ran the season with. I expected it to be Keenum, figured his play would force their hand and leave the Vikings in a bind to pay him or lose everything, and Teddy would leave, banished to the Jets or Browns. Figured Bradford would stick around after what the Vikings paid to get him, and that he would take a backup contract because who wants to pay for another year of injureman, glass bones extreme. I was sorta right.

Keenum went to the Broncos, which looks good for Denver. Teddy indeed went to the Jets and will probably start until he sucks and they throw the mystery QB they traded up for to the wolves. Bradford went and got paid AGAIN by another team, Arizona. I assume he will die by week 5. Nobody in this league has made more unearned cash than Sam Bradford. At least when Brock Osweiler got mad cash he was technically coming off a Super Bowl season that he at least contributed to. What the hell has Bradford accomplished besides looking like a cabbage patch kid?

So now a team that reached the NFC Championship enters the next season with a completely new QB roster. That’s unheard of. They even pulled in a decent enough backup in Trevor Siemian. But now we finally get to see Kirk unleash hell with better weapons in a less-dysfunctional franchise. I like Kirk as a QB. I think he was underrated when he was still “bad” and wasn’t surprised at all to see him succeed. Now that he’s out from under the Snyder thumb and on a team built to win we can really see what he’s capable of. I’m pumped to root for the guy, he’s an underrated goober man. A casual glance at his twitter reads like a PR firm writes it, and then further reading you realize no, Kirk really is this wholesome and this much of a dork.

His contract is pretty interesting too. 84 million, but fully guaranteed. Good for Capt. Kirk. A lot of people are hoping it is a watershed moment in contracts for NFL players. Less incentive bonus nonsense and more hard cash to make sure they get through things okay. I’m for it. Give the players who sacrifice bodies and minds more guaranteed money to deal with it. They obviously have to invest it right and take responsibility, but at least they aren’t going to get screwed quite as bad by little loopholes.