So much for all that Jags pre-season hype huh. I thought Gus Bradley should have been fired last season (I wrote a blog post on a comic somewhere about how I think coaches deserve a 3 year grace period and if after 3 years things don’t show a reasonable¬†improvement then it’s probably time to move on). I can’t find the comic where I said it, but I still believe that. Gus took over a complete mess and deserved maybe a little more time and grace than normal, but that grace period ended this offseason because the Jags finally looked primed to compete.

The argument wasn’t hard to see. They “won” the draft. They get people back healthy. Bort looked like he was putting it together towards the back half of last season. They picked up an actual runningback in Chris Ivory (Who hasn’t played yet due to injury, so that’s something of note). The Jags sat ready to pounce all over a weak division. And they are 0-3 in classic can’t finish a game heartbreak fashion. They held their own against the Packers, then failed at the end but we thought they might be okay. The Packers are good. Then they crumpled against a San Diego team that has, outside that game, failed miserably at the end of two other games. But it was in San Diego. Maybe it was a bad day. Then, at home, against a very questionable 2-0 Ravens team, they once again couldn’t get it done, and now the fans want blood. The grace period is over. Gus is extremely positive in everything but the win column and patience has run out. I can’t say I blame them.

There is still time to salvage the season. The AFC South is still terrible. The Titans are still a bunch of Mularkey. The Texans look the best, but holy lol did you see Brock Lobster against the Pats? The Colts are kind of a mystery, a team that should be okay on paper but feel like it’s rotting from the inside somehow in a way I can’t explain. This is a tough call, but for the moment, they should probably keep him and wait a few weeks. When you fire a coach midseason it’s basically a give up play, like calling a draw on 3rd and 25 deep in your own territory. At the same time do the Jags fans want to risk sitting through more weeks of this nonsense when they could cut the cord now and see what someone else can do with a free season?

We need Jackson De Ville more than ever come back Curtis