Of course by the time I managed to finish this one the whole ordeal has run it’s course, but I didn’t want to let Cam slip by without a little bit of fun, because I felt like a loyal TV show veteran who suddenly watched the writers take a character he liked in a bad direction. “No Cam…don’t say that…awww”

For anyone who missed it, or for anyone possibly reading this years later after we all forgot about it, let’s recap:
-Female Beat Reporter for the Charlotte Observer asks Cam question about Routes
-Cam says “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes”
-Reporter goes up to Cam afterward, Cam does no apologize and makes it worse
-Story goes public
-Shit meets fan
-Dannon drops Newton as a spokesman
-Cam defenders go out of their way to dig up old tweets to publicly shame Beat Reporter
-Cam eventually uploads a pretty good apology video
-We all find something else to be mad at
-I finally finish the comic on the topic

First up: what Newton said was totally sexist. He’s at fault here. I think only Cam truly knows exactly what tone or inflection he truly meant it in, but ultimately someone in his position has to know not to say something like that even if he wasn’t being sexist. Women absolutely follow football and can learn all the same stuff we can about it. Playing ball only makes learning a bit easier. Cam has to know this by now, but maybe he didn’t.

Secondly: This single mistake doesn’t define Cam. I think the biggest bummer I had about this was that, as a long time Cam supporter, I knew this was about to get blown up and used as ammo by people who already dislike him as further proof that “he’s a big selfish arrogant thug etc whatever”. Cam said a dumb thing, and might genuinely believe the dumb thing, but he still gets a huge amount of unfair hate and there is absolutely still more to him than this

Thirdly: I actually was impressed by his apology video. That was far and above what you normally get out of a person of interest who gets caught saying a dumb thing. He didn’t send out some tiny official statement obviously written by his agent, or carefully offer a non-apology in a press conference (I’m sorry OTHER people were offended, etc), he went and taped himself giving a full apology on camera directly. Even if it was a little scripted, and even if he only did it because of the backlash, it’s still far more than we usually get and he may have even learned something. To anyone who says “Yeah he only learned because he lost a sponsor and started getting hate” well…I mean if he learned his lesson I’m fine with that.

Fourthly: All the nutso Newton defenders who dug up years old joke tweets by Jourdan: weak sauce. Cam said a dumb thing, just because you are on his side doesn’t mean you can’t admit he screwed up. The tweets they found to “shame” Jourdan Rodrique were extremely weak. One was her mimicking a popular over the top Bye Nye parody account, and another was her making light of her dad making racists jokes. As far as evidence that “SHE’S JUST AS BAD”….nah. If that’s the best you could come up with you got nothing. None of that was even close to the same level of Cam. Her tweets were made when she was like 19, Cam is in a job where public relations is a thing you have to know. I’ve retweeted the same Bill Nye parody account. There is no comparison here, she has the moral upper hand. And she still apologized first.

Fifthly: Though her dad seems like a dick, I mean who names their kid “Jourdan”. That is “parents want to make their child spacial so they spell a common name all weird” 101. Jourdan. It’s like Kaytlynn, or Rebekkah, or Khrysta, or Kimberli, or Emalee, or Viktoria, or Carlee, or Aimee, or Hayleigh, or Lauryn, or Rumplelstylskyn. Stop doing this to your children.

Anyway Inside Out was an okay movie, kinda overrated.