First off, congrats to the Buffalo Bills for hiring Sean McDermott as I drew this comic. Seems like a solid hire to be honest. Firing Rex was a good move, although hiring Rex was a bad one to begin with, so maybe that’s a wash. The Bills.

This news sort of came out during guest comic week but it came out that apparently the Bills, namely GM Doug Whaley, seem to wish to move on from Tyrod Taylor. Doug apparently really wanted that EJ Manuel action. Why? Was he close personal friends with EJ or something? Had he not actually watched EJ play football? Oh right, probably not, if he had watched EJ play football he wouldn’t have been drafted in the first goddamn round. EJ saw some playing time in the final week of the season and was expectedly garbage. I thought I saw EJ Manuel in person once, but then I realized I was looking at a trash can.

The offense and Tyrod were not the problem with the Bills so wanting to move on from Tyrod is kind of bizarre. Tyrod isn’t like Peyton Manning or anything but he’s far and away the best QB the Bills have had during their playoff drought. Tyrod is good enough that he could have learned to fix some of his mistakes, or at least it was worth giving him a chance to do so. Now the Bills want to kick him out…because….reasons. Gotta say it seems like the Bills front office and Whaley specifically might be an unworkable level of dickhole. Doug Whaley’s actions in all this shine a different light on the departure of Doug Marrone a couple seasons ago. Remember him? The Guy the Jags just hired to lead them to the 6 win promised land? Marrone wasn’t fired from the Bills. He quit the team. Nobody really knows why. Maybe now we do. Maybe Doug Whaley is a knob.

Also the Talking Heads are a good band. Remain in Light is a classic album.