Today’s guest comic about the whole Colin Kaepernick situation is brought to you by my good friend Rory Riggins. Thanks for your help, Big Rig!

I’ll start off with his artist statement before adding my own thoughts:

To put things in context, I am a huge fan of the Washington foot ball team. I have been watching them religiously since I could be confused as to why the sport is called foot ball, when the foot only touches the ball for punts and kicks. My last name is Riggins, and John Riggins was always a hero of mine (fun fact: I just learned in 1985, he drunkenly made sexist comments to Sandra Day O’Connor, then fell asleep under a table. She later bought him a dozen roses). I love this sport of running and throws and kicks. I’m not telling you to support Kaepernick or Black Lives Matter. I’m asking you to put into context the behavior of NFL players in general, our reactions to them, and the league’s reaction to them. Many players act out in terrible and criminal ways, and we let them slide. Kaepernick is using his fame to stand up [insert a funny sit down joke here] for a cause that he believes in. He hasn’t (to my knowledge) sexually assaulted any one or killed any dogs for sport. He is a practicing Christian and has a pet tortoise named Sammy, who weighs 115 lbs.
The best article I’ve found defending Kaepernick:

The 44 active NFL players (as of 2015) who have been accused of physical and/or sexual assault:

There are a lot of talking points brought up by this whole Kaep thing but I like Rory’s point because it’s something I often rally against here, the hypocrisy in the fandoms and the league. Whether you agree with Kaep or not, all he’s doing is sitting down during the national anthem to bring awareness to a subject he feels is important, and so many people are trashing him for it, meanwhile lots of players do much worse and get defended and forgiven. It’s sad.

I stand (sit? lol) with Kaep. When I heard about what he did, my first thought was “well here comes a shit7torm” and I avoided the internet for several hours. I do think that he probably could have picked a better way to protest, because this sort of thing is guaranteed to cause a lot of people to ignore your message and focus on your actions, which is exactly what is happening. So many people are hung up on how he’s protesting they aren’t paying attention to why. If you haven’t yet, I heartily endorse listening to his entire press conference on the whole thing where he details why he’s doing this. Try your best to ignore his Sideshow bob hair.

How he’s protesting isn’t even that bad! First off, protesting is a great American tradition! Protesting is part of our heritage. Remember when we threw a bunch of perfectly good tea into Boston Harbor just so we could tell England to go fuck itself? I hate all the people who see what he’s doing and immediately rush to crush him for “DISRESPEKN DA FLAG” and whatnot. Or tell him that he should be grateful. Or that he should stick to #sports, or that his opinion doesn’t matter because he can’t beat Blaine Gabbert for the starting job. Or that he’s taking a dump on the military, even though he explicitly says it’s not about the military at all, but about domestic problems. ARE TROOPS THO. The same heroes the country frequently leaves out to dry after they get home.

People who claim Kaepernick hates America because he dares protest problems in America completely miss the point that you can love America and still think America could be better. I’m sure Kaepernick is very grateful for what he has gotten in life. You can love a thing and still want that thing to be better, and that doesn’t make you a member of ISIS. I criticize the NFL here a lot, but it’s because I love football, and I want to see football improved. I imagine Kaep is a proud American, but he thinks America could be better. You don’t have to agree with his point, but at least give him the benefit of listening to his argument first instead of jumping on him because DA FLAG. The Flag represents the ideal America; by sitting down, he’s saying America isn’t there yet. That’s a fair statement to me. No one in this country can believe this country is truly perfect.  Everyone here thinks things could be improved. This is Kaep’s way of showing it about the parts he feels need fixing. America is not perfect and it’s not a crime to acknowledge that. If you insist nothing is wrong when things blatantly are, nothing will get fixed.

But seriously he looks like Sideshow Bob with that damn hair