So Leon actually sent me two guest comics last week (What a guy), and I didn’t want to leave him hanging, so I decided I’d run this one on football streams today since it’s still peak offseason and we have plenty of time to get to Derek Carr’s addition to the money fort saga and whatever else sorta happened this month. This might be the most boring offseason I think I’ve ever dealt with during my comic making years.

It’s one of those things that has existed for years but nobody really talks about (for obvious reasons). I’m not even sure if I should be bringing it up. I don’t know how prevalent the use of streams actually is. I’d imagine not too high, I don’t think the average football fan has the know-how to go watch a stream without severely messing up their computer. I have some technological know-how in browsing safely and I still do my best to avoid streams because they are sketchy to find and use. Streams are low quality, cut out randomly, and are on very questionable sites so you are getting a very low quality product with a risk of computer cancer. I’ve watched them, but mostly as a last resort kind of thing. A lot more frequently years ago before companies started to embrace streaming. Last year’s Thursday Night Twitter broadcasts were beautiful, please give us more of that. I don’t want to pay for cable, because cable is balls and fuck comcast, so the more options I have the better.

What I’m really curious about is another question aimed at my international readers: Have you watched streams? How do you watch the games? I’d imagine finding a game broadcast is significantly harder outside the US. In fact, most streams I’ve watched have been British ones. That might have something to do with it being easier to run a Brit stream in the US without getting caught, but I honestly have no idea.