Six years ago I started dating a wonderful person. Today I finally solidify that relationship with Keeley and I couldn’t be happier.

Without Keeley, this site wouldn’t exist. When I started making football drawings to keep myself occupied after I was laid off, she encouraged it. When I wanted to start putting things together and make a site out of it, she helped me set it up. She’s helped with tech support in keeping the site running. She helps me with ideas when I don’t know what to do. She judges every comic fairly, and I know I’ve got a good one when she’s mildly shocked at the result. She even killed me in a comic once.  That comic is still funny to me because she actually likes the Blue Jackets she just really wanted to make a bad pun. I knew there was a reason we fell in love.

She’s tolerated years of me staying up late at night finishing these silly things without any complaints. She’s always been supportive of whatever I try to do. She’s accepted and embraced that for 5 months of the year my Sundays are occupied. She’s joined in on those days, even though when we started dating she barely even knew what a quarterback even was. Now she actively gets mad when people accuse her of not really caring about the sport. She might not be a die hard football fan like me, but she’s a die hard fan of what makes me happy and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that. I can only hope I’ve added half as much to her life as she’s added to mine.

So I dedicate this comic to you, Keeley. I love you, and I can’t wait to watch the Giants find new ways to screw up for the rest of our lives with you.

(Football don’t worry you’re still my side piece)