I assume most people who actually come to this site and comment aren’t on twitter, which, good for you, but if you ever wonder where a lot of my ideas originate it’s my activity on there. Anyway this one is very inside baseball so here’s the joke if you are confused:

Emmanuel Acho is a Fox Sports 1 commentator and extremely cringe. He posts a lot of cringe. He’s got a lot of bad takes. Since he’s part of the take machine, it’s hard to tell how much of it is his job and how much of it is actually him, but I think a lot of it is him. Anyway at some point this weekend he decided to go steal a meme from facebook and throw his face on it and then posted this incredible piece of cringe from everyone’s Aunt Betty

I just felt like making a parody of it.

Next comic will be on Thursday to celebrate the season opener, as is tradition ’round here