Well that was not the news I expected to see Wednesday morning. The Aaron Hernandez saga is more or less done now. I’d hope at least. Not exactly the ending I’d wager most of us expected.

So Hernandez was found dead. Hung himself in his cell. That’s awkward. It’s kind of a strange feeling. I’m not happy about it, even if he was a bad person. But I’m not really sad either, because he was a murderer. I mean, he killed someone. Yeesh. If anything I’m sad about the whole story. It’s such a depressing story on the whole. His daughter is the biggest loser in all of this.

He had just won a trial. He was acquitted of the double murder. He had an appeal of the Odin Lloyd killing coming up, which after being acquitted of the double doesn’t seem all that out of reach that he might win something out of that. It seemed like if anything, he had a little bit to possibly look forward to. His lawyer seemed optimistic about him and said that he seemed in good spirits. Of course, I feel like the “They seemed to be doing pretty well, I don’t know where this came from” is a common line from friends of suicide victims. I won’t lie, first thought when I heard about it: he was killed and made it look like a suicide. Maybe I’ve seen too many prison movies.

I could have made a lot of really dark jokes about this whole thing. I’ve certainly cracked a few among my close friends. I bet some of you are probably disappointed I didn’t do something darker. But something about it sort of just depresses me, so I settled for an egotistical self insert comic. I make a lot of suicide jokes on the comic (mostly hanging ones!) and it’s easy to sort of forget that it’s an actual problem. I will likely to continue to make them because I still find humor in the darkness there, but it feels wrong to be too mean about it when it actually for real life happened, even to a bad person.

So yeah. At least now it’s over, unless the weird rumors about his sexuality have any weight. I’m probably going to leave that alone even if it’s not, because somehow him killing Lloyd because Lloyd knew about this supposed Bisexuality and having a depressed lover in prison just makes everything that much more depressing.

Have a great weekend guys!