Man what a gonzo week. The Rams go trade bonkers. Seattle jettisons Sherman and trades Bennett. OBJ smokes a blunt with someone on camera in a scandal that will probably bear more fruit soon enough. And the Browns get Tyrod, Jarvis Landry, and Damarious Randall. The Browns…did good?

Is Hue Jackson still there?

Lol then nevermind.

The Browns are certainly more interesting now, that’s for sure. Jarvis is good and being across from Josh Gordon makes the Browns suddenly a huge WR monster, provided Tyrod gets them the ball. Is Tyrod good? I dunno. When he got benched mid-season for Nathan “Oh my god this was a huge mistake” Peterman there were not a small amount of Bills fans who seemed okay with it. Before Peterman threw 5 picks, obviously.

I’m skeptical of Tyrod. He can be fun but he seems like a guy who will always show flashes but never put it together enough to be worth a starting position as THE GUY. Now that he’s on the Browns we’ll never know if he could be the guy. He seems like a solid backup who could fill in and win some games and probably make a good career out of it.

If you believe in Tyrod and think the Browns did good, I would like to remind you that the Browns do not deserve the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Until the Browns do good in the win column and look like a good team on the field, they are bad. If Tyrod manages to drag this Browns team to the playoffs even with Hue throwing him under the bus whenever possible then by god, Tyrod is good. Until then, he’s gonna just be another head on the hydra.

Also…where does this leave AJ “actually wanted to be a Brown” McCarron?