That Baker comic wasn’t even my original idea for Wed. I had it as a backup theme in case I didn’t have enough time to do the idea I was actually working on. That comic was a lateral and should show up next week pending slow news days. I produced the Browns news comic quickly so I’d have something to post and I figured if they hadn’t given us news yet, Wednesday morning would be safe. Did it again. I could even see that shit coming the instant I made it and it still happened. It was live for maybe 9 hours, most of those the wee hours of the morning before the Browns did me dirty. I found out when a Browns fan friend texted me to laugh at me.

If there is any sort of Draw Play curse, this is it. My ability to will progress into action by commenting on how nothing is happening or making a joke that is instantly outdated the day it goes live. Many have asked me to use my powers for good. Unfortunately, I cannot. I would have killed off all the owners by now and made the Giants a dynasty if I had that kind of power. I think the universe knows when I am trying to play it and waits for me to lower my guard and think I’m safe.

Anyway I like being an artist because I can just draw myself doing things I’ve never be able to do in real life. I’d be lucky to get a baby to go ten yards if I’m being honest. They are heavier than footballs and squishy, and not terribly aerodynamic. Maybe if I dropped it lengthwise and made sure my foot never hit the hard skull I might be able to propel it further.

EDIT: Had a busy weekend and didn’t want to jinx myself again, comics will resume Wed