Ugh. Of course he did. Why would we ever expect otherwise. Now watch him be perfectly healthy for the first time in years and flourish under Emperor Billpotine. At least we’ll all be dead by 2021.

I think everything will depend on his health. It’s been easy to write Cam off after his last few seasons thanks to poor play and injury. He’s looked toasted. I thought he was done last season before it came out that he was still playing injured. The future of Cam Newton depends entirely on his health. I have zero doubts that he’s better than the pile of mashed potatoes the Patriots call Jason Stidham. Cam earned MVP by being a bruiser of a QB who wowed us with running plays and unconventional style but I think people forget the guy was actually a good passer too. Cam could rip it and give it nice touch. He could read a defense and execute a play. Cam in his peak was a hell of a good QB, and in 2015 he was truly great.

It’s not like he did it with a ton of weapons either. The Patriots current lack of offensive power is certainly a major sticking point but it’s not like Cam hasn’t made due with piles of shit before. He earned the MVP in 2015 with Ted Ginn as his best WR. Cam can turn turds into gold. If you look back at that 2015 roster the offense is startlingly ugly. I just have my doubts that Cam will ever be truly great again. The years of big hits have caught up to him and the fact that a former MVP had to get a mild 1 year deal, months after free agency started, that is incentive-laden over guaranteed, says a lot. If he’s back in business the Patriots look like the usual geniuses they are. If not, it barely costs them much on a year that’s likely to be wonky and forgive-able anyway. That’s what smart franchises do. *Glares at the Bears*

I’d say have a great 4th of July tomorrow but lol at this stupid country. I’ve never felt less patriotic in my life.