There was a substantial heatwave in the pacific northwest these past several days, you might have heard about it. It reached 116 degrees on Monday, the record high for Portland, beating the record of 112 from the previous day, which beat 107 from the day before that. In a region that is not properly equipped for this, it was an absolute nightmare and it was hard to concentrate on anything else.

We were lucky, we had AC, and we provided shelter for a bunch of people who didn’t. I wanted to actually feel what 116 degrees felt like so I went outside to water the garden and it felt like my eyes were getting singed, like any moisture on them was immediately evaporating. I haven’t spent much time in the south and I generally prefer colder weather so I gotta say, not a fan.

So anyway, hope ya’ll are doing alright, especially any of you who were stuck up in the PNW with me. Please send your positive energy to our area so that we have minimal idiots setting off fireworks this weekend. We are like 5 months removed from a horrible ice storm that took out power to the city for a week. Climate change sucks, man.

Since we are in the summer doldrums, hit me with any comic ideas for laterals or something you wanna see as ideas are at a minimum.