I feel personally attacked by the past year of football.

Giants entire team seems to get injured. Team has the worst season in reasonable memory. Ben McAdoo turns out to be a big ball of greasy slime who undoes one of the best streaks in football of my favorite player ever for Geno Smith. The Eagles win the Super Bowl. Now, in the death throes of late June, as I clamor and cry for anything of interest to happen, our star CB ends up having a dead body in his basement. Maybe I should just watch baseball.

*Checks in on the Orioles*

Whelp guess I’m stuck here.

“Dead body found in basement of NFL player” is a pretty freaky headline to read in the middle of a day. At the very least, morbid as it is, at least we have a developing story that we can sort of follow over the next few weeks in-between Jameis Winston discussions. We don’t know too much yet. The deceased was a family friend of Jenkins. Jenkins himself was out of town at camp. The victim, Roosevelt Rene, was apparently living at the house recently. Jackrabbit’s brother, William, has been charged with aggravated manslaughter. We have not yet heard the cause of death but I’ve seen reports of possible strangulation. The brother has some criminal history. There was also this weird anecdote.  The few signs we have seem to point to the brother doing something.

I feel bad for Janoris in this (if he had nothing to do with it, of course). It seems like he wasn’t involved, but because he’s the famous name, he’s going to get a bunch of unnecessary attention for it. I’m curios to see how things shake out.