Man I expected LeBron to go to LA but it’s still a bummer. It’s stupid that the Lakers can suck and be terrible, walk into a pitch meeting to a free agent and go “Los Angeles, eh?” and land huge names. You’ve got to get a miracle player or an incredibly smart coach and front office to make it as a small market team in the NBA. Now we get to watch LeBron play good basketball for his twilight years mostly as a side gig to his entertainment ventures. At least now the Warriors have some more legit competi…The Warriors got Boogie Cousins? Hahahahahaha I know the NBA is top heavy but this is getting absurd.

Let’s talk about Johnny instead! He’s cleaned up! Good for him.

Johnny Manziel is playing football again (well, he’s on a roster at least) for the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL! Johnny got help, he got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is doing better, and he’s putting in the work to play football again. Honestly a good story. All of his interviews since he got his act together have seemed very good and he’s saying all the right things. Of course, he still has to earn that trust back and he could relapse anytime, but he genuinely appears to be heading the right way. Seriously, good for him.

He found his way to Hamilton, Canada. Could any of you point to Hamilton on a map without looking it up? I couldn’t, and I have probably mildly more knowledge of actual Canadian cities and geography (I’ve been to Winnipeg! Have you been to Winnipeg? Don’t go to Winnipeg, the mosquitoes are the worst thing I have ever seen) than the average American. Apparently Hamilton is a real city that is fairly close to Toronto. It’s a port city. The football stadium in Hamilton is named Tim Hortons Field, so it is good to know our neighbor to the north is just as stupid about brand name stadiums as we are.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are quite possibly the most redundant name in sports history. Yeah, uh…Tigers are cats. We get it. What kind of name is Tiger-Cats? Apparently this is named because a team called the Tigers and a team called the Wildcats merged. Why didn’t they call them the Wild Tigers? That’s way cooler. Way to drop the puck on that one, Canada. They have good uniforms though.

Anyway Canadian Football is actually kinda fun in like a weird way. Like G2 to Gatorade. It’s not as good as gatorade and kind of different, but it has a place and isn’t bad. It’s a better fix for offseason ball than Arena Football is. Sorry, one dude in the comments, arena ball just isn’t worth watching. The CFL is worth a lazy watch if you can find a game on TV with nothing better to do.