First off, Congrats to the Golden State Warriors for winning the NBA championship. A hell of a team and a hell of a season, and a long time in waiting for Oakland. I was rooting for the Cavs, mostly because I just have a soft spot for the Cleve, but I find little to dislike about the Warriors and think they are a perfectly good choice for champion. At least it wasn’t the Rockets.

I feel bad for Lebron. I shouldn’t, dude is a gifted freak of athleticism with more money than god, but I do. You could tell how important this series was to him, how much winning something for his home meant to him. He completely took over the finals, but when it’s you vs the best team in the league with the MVP on it, it’s just too much to overcome. You can’t do it alone. Even Jordan had Pippen.

Things haven’t looked good for Manziel either. He reportedly fumbled 3 of 6 snaps in camp on one series, got called Johnny Idiotface at RAW, and will probably enter the season backing up Josh “Yes that Josh McCown” McCown. Remember last year around this time? Almost a year has passed since Lebron went back to the Cleve, and the Browns were still amped up over drafting JFF. Everyone was pumped in Cleveland. Now the river is once again filled with Booze pee.