RIP Browns hype. You were refreshing and not meant for this world. It was nice to see Browns fans act like assholes for a while there. They surely deserve the chance to laud success over everyone. But life isn’t fair, and my universal truths are still intact.

1. The Giants will make me sad
2. The Patriots will win everything
3. The Browns will Browns

Not gonna lie, there has been a certain satisfaction to watching the Browns struggle this year for me personally. I’m still pulling for them to put it together but after their big offseason came at my own team’s expense and I had uppity Browns fans tweeting “THANKS FOR ODELL!” at me for months, watching them be the Browns has given me a certain small level of satisfaction. How dare you hope. Hope is for fools. Never trash talk before your team does anything.

That said I still expected the Browns to look at least mediocre. Looking back on my early-season Browns concern post, I think the biggest thing I was right about was my skepticism of Freddie Kitchens.  Freddie does not look ready for the big time. The team has been wildly undisciplined and uncoordinated. I’ve already seen some fans calling for his head. I still distinctly wonder if the Browns would have been a better team if they hired Gregggg Williams. The team seemed to find a focus with him at the helm, asshole though he is. The defense was better, and Freddie seemed suited to the offensive duties. But even if they didn’t keep Gregggggg, they could have potentially had Bruce Arians (who might have even kept Freddie as they have a history together). Freddie felt like a mistake at the time. He feels like a McAdoo. Maybe not as arrogant as McAdoo, but arguably more unprepared. He is more likeable though.

The failures of the offense have been the biggest surprise to me. The o-line is bad, but they have a stellar RB in Chubb, two amazing receivers, and a franchise QB who just last year looked great. What is going wrong? The offense should be the one part of this team still succeeding. Instead Chubb isn’t getting enough touches and for some incredibly bizarre reason, they aren’t feeding OBJ. OBJ does drop balls but he’s still an otherworldly talent who needs opportunities. What’s the point in trading for a guy who never gets looks?

So far the Browns have beaten the Jets (I mean, who hasn’t, except the Cowboys lol) and the Ravens. The Ravens game seems like the team this team has the potential to be. That was the team we were hyped to see. A big ol Chubb penetrating the defense and everyone else doing their part to hold a good team in check. I don’t know why that has been the only game this year that appeared to be well-planned for and well-played. This team is clearly capable, even with their problems.

With their loss to the woeful Broncos starting a rookie QB, the schedule looks a lot more grim than it used to.
Bills – Probably a loss
Steelers – Probably a loss, Steelers appear to have found themselves a bit
Dolphins – probably a win
Steelers – In Cleveland, might be a trap game, but should be a loss
Bengals – win
Cardinals – probably a loss
Ravens – probably a loss
Bengals – probably a win

I see 3 should be wins and maybe 2 more potentials. Not great. The Bengals and Dolphins might even be able to steal one.

But hey, they are still the best team in Ohio. For now. That’s something.