The 2019 Jets, astronomical failures that they are, outside somehow embarrassing the Cowboys, have become possibly the only victim of a team trying to lose. The Phins have traded away basically everyone of value on the roster. The Jets went into this season trying to win football games. You’d be forgiven for not realizing that, because they hired Adam Gase.

Which is still probably the biggest “but…….why?” of the entire year. What on earth did the Jets brass see in Adam Gase? They had a front row seat to his general ineptitude in Miami for several seasons. Miami reached the playoffs just once under Gase, sneaking in as a 6th seed, and getting promptly obliterated by the Steelers. They were never good again. His ineptitude drove the team into the toilet far enough that they straight up decided to go full rebuild in a way we haven’t seen before. They figured it would be easier to blow up everything than keep anything Gase had done. The Jets looked at this, and said…yeah, that guy.

It has proven even worse than expected.

The Jets got new uniforms and the era is off to a very poor start. Darnold looks bad. He hasn’t taken a step forward this year, nor can he, because the line is also bad. He famously saw ghosts, which might explain why he’s willing to get rid of the ball to just anyone around instead of take a sack like he’s being hugged from behind by Patrick Swayze. The Jets though actually went to try and get some playmakers this year! You’d be forgiven if you forgot Le’Veon Bell is in NY, so has everyone. Gase reportedly didn’t even want him. He didn’t want one of the best backs in the league. They grabbed CJ Mosley. They got Jamison Crowder. They made one huge splash and picked up a few possibly okay starters. This team was trying to win games.

They just lost to a team that is openly tanking!

Now the Bengals are in sole possession of the #1 pick, but that is another team in serious flux that nobody expected much out of. The Jets hoped to improve. This is…not that. I’d be surprised if Gase survives the season at this rate. The fanbase didn’t want him and have already turned toxic on him.