When Christian Hackenberg got drafted I made a joke about how Christian Hackenberg is bad. I didn’t even really know much about him outside the fact that he was bad, and all I’d seen was the video of him getting annihilated by Temple. I was just jumping on the mocking bandwagon, really. He was an easy target.

I was immediately accosted by some Penn State nutter who got very internet mad at me for even suggesting that the Hacks is bad. in fact, he was actually really good, even when he was bad. Several years later I still occasionally think of that dude. He never even got proven wrong, to be honest. We never got to see Christian Hackenberg go out there and suck for ourselves. He can go to sleep with his dreams of a happy Hack intact.

I still can’t believe that. A second round pick never saw a snap. I know the Jets have had an abysmal record with Quarterbacks this past decade (Basically since Pennington left really) but to not even let Hackenberg see the field at least once? Still surprised. When all you have in front of him is Bryce Petty, it’s not like seeing what you’ve got in Hackenberg could be that much worse. But coaches got to see Hack every day at practice, I didn’t. Maybe him not seeing the field happened for a reason. Could the Hackers be even worse than we all thought?

The Jets traded Hackers to the Oakland Raiders for a conditional 7th round pick. The Raiders cut him 3 weeks later. I’ve read some rumors that the Raiders actually owed the Jets a favor and took Hackenberg deliberately to cut him so that the Jets wouldn’t have to and look even dumber for cutting a second round draft pick. The Jets got nothing out of the deal since Hack was cut, so the Raiders essentially did pay nothing and the Jets got rid of the problem and saved face. I don’t know if I buy this rumor as I don’t see why the Jets would suddenly be so scared of cutting a dude nobody thinks was any good. What, are we going to think lesser of the Jets for it? Who cares?

Here’s a question for ya, who is the worse 2016 2nd round pick? Roberto Aguayo or Christian Hackenberg? Hackenberg was considered a worse prospect and drafted higher by a team who had just drafted a mid round QB (Petty) the previous season. Roberto Aguayo was drafted lower, but the Bucs traded up for him. However the Bucs also really needed a kicker. Roberto was also considered to be a good prospect, it was really the fact that he was a kicker which made the pick bad. Hackenberg plays a more valuable position, which makes the overdraft seem more acceptable, but he was also seen as quite a trash pile prospect. Roberto technically has a job right now on the Chargers. Hackenberg is jobless. That may switch by season’s start but as of now it is interesting. Who do you think was worse?