It recently came out that Dak Prescott had some autographs signed by a machine or something? I guess?

I say we ban him from the NFL. This is an incredible blemish on the NFL, that the new star leader of the most well known football team in the league is committing such heinous acts. Those people were looking to just get an autograph from their new hero, and he has a machine do it? This is unacceptable.

Just, I can’t fathom it. How could this happen? What kind of world are we living in that we cannot even trust our superstars to give us authentic autographs? It’s criminal! It just goes to show you what kind of scumbags the NFL tolerates for their product. Wife beaters, pot smokers, and autograph automators. I can’t support this league anymore. We all know the NFL isn’t going to do anything about this, because the NFL is weak. Dak Prescott is a black mark on this league unlike any other, even worse than that guy who probably didn’t deflate footballs, what’s his name. Tim Brody? Who cares he’s a nobody.

Dak should be kicked out of the league and frankly just to be sure the rest of the owners get it, I say we also disband the Cowboys entirely, as a fair punishment to make an example. It’s time we went from high tolerance to zero tolerance. Death Penalty for Dallas. Their championships stripped, their names stricken from the history books forever. In fact, lets just ban the entirety of Texas. Yes, we may lose the Houston Texans, but better to be safe than sorry. We can put JJ and Clowney on a lifeboat and give them to the Browns or something.

Just despicable.

Also suspend Tim Brody for 4 games just because he plays the same position as Dak.