On July 7th, 2015, on a whim I decided to draw Eli with a rocket pop on a comic about JPP blowing his hand off. I’m not sure why, to this day. Just kinda happened. It just sorta fit. Been drawing him with that damn rocket pop ever since. Anyway now Eli┬áhaving angry child hulk┬ástrength is Draw Play Canon

Don’t get between Elisha and his rocket pops.

Rocket pops were legit always my favorite of the bad Popsicle ice creams you’d get from ice cream trucks and whatnot. It was like 3 flavors in one. Plus the blue was the best, and you got to save it for last. Of course you still had to eat it fast otherwise the stupid thing would melt. Sticky hands are the worst.

I think the next best thing was orange creamsicles. They were the bomb. I don’t think they were a terribly common ice cream truck product though. Ice cream trucks tended to have those kinda gross push up popsicles. They weren’t great but they were pretty easy to stay non-sticky with. After the creamsicles I went for the other two flavor pops, usually the chocolate and vanilla one with chocolate crunchy bits on the outside. Then usually drumsticks, then classic ice cream sandwiches.

Like every kid I went through a phase of the bubble gum eyeball character popsicles that always looked incredibly wrong. The gum was crap, and the popsicle was crap, but I was a dumb kid who thought he was getting a deal because he was getting both a popsicle AND bubblegum, in the shape of a ninja turtle (I’m too old to have gotten pokemon or spongebob ones, they came after my time).

Rank your favorite dumb ice cream truck ice creams! Just don’t rank Rocket Pops too low. If you hate rocket pops we are gonna have words.