Some good news happened! ESPN announced a partnership this week with Omaha Productions for an alternate football broadcast on ESPN2 with Peyton and Eli as the announcers. As you can imagine, I am 100% on board with this and will be tuning into their broadcasts every week instead of ESPN’s regular broadcast, which already sucks anyway.

Peyton was long considered a perfect candidate for announcing since even before he retired. He has a natural comfort and charisma on camera and was known for his incredible football IQ so having him be at least a color guy in the vein of Romo or Collinsworth made sense. He hasn’t really done anything big since he hung up his cleats though. He had his show on ESPN+, which was charming, but the only real Peyton content besides that for the past few years has been those awful nationwide commercials. Maybe he was actually waiting for Eli to retire and get settled in. The Manning family seems pretty close overall and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a long-term plan on his part.

Eli wasn’t viewed as much as the announcer type, he’s a little less natural on camera and while he’s funny enough I didn’t think there’d be a good fit for him. He’s now basically a brand ambassador for the Giants and that makes perfect sense to me. All he has to do is talk to players, do press stuff, and shit talk other players’ golf games on twitter. But pairing him up with Peyton might actually be the best way to get him on TV. I fully expect, and greatly desire, the two of them to just zing each other for 3 hours. If it really is just hours of the two of them shooting the shit and having a fun time, it’ll be great. I do hope they do some actual football breakdowns though. Peyton is for sure a well of knowledge and hearing him talk about that stuff is enlightening. We’ve never really heard Eli do any football breakdowns, but it would be fascinating to hear his perspective on things and get a sense of how he saw the field too. So I hope the broadcast is playful but not entirely fluff.

I also really want them to just make Cooper the “sideline reporter” and give Archie some airtime as well, make it an entire family broadcast. Why not. It’s ESPN2, get weird with it.

They are set up for 10 games each in the next 3 seasons. The first few might be a bit awkward as they find their footing but I hope it pays off. It’ll be a fun altnerate way to watch the games.