This interesting tweet came across my timeline this week regarding the ongoing Wentz injury saga. Well, current Wentz injury saga. He has many. I didn’t think about it before but yeah, the Colts have a small history of downplaying major problems that eventually ruin their franchise guys. Wentz just underwent surgery for his foot concerning a bone that was loose and starting to cause issues. The injury was apparently from high school.

Wentz got his injuries off to an early start this year I suppose. Trading for him made sense in that Frank Reich is the only guy who has made Carson look like a true franchise guy. Wentz seems like a backup QB waiting to happen. Foles and Rivers have already been floated as potential replacements since the timeline for Wentz to return is rather vague (another glorious Colts injury smokescreen imo). Rivers needs to stay retired. I would laugh my absolute ass off if Foles comes in to replace Wentz and leads the Colts to the playoffs. That would be the best timeline.