You can tell Philip is doomed because he had to record a message to Colts fans while clearly sitting on his toilet, likely the only place the man can get any privacy from his fleet of 9 children.

I’m not gonna lie it felt weird drawing him in a Colts uniform. I don’t like it. It’s not right seeing Philip in anything but powder blue. I wish he had retired instead. Especially since his deal with Indy is for just one season.

Indy was one of those franchises that was really a QB away from genuinely competing so this is honestly a good move. Biscuits just wasn’t up to the task last year despite an okay start. Brady would have never gone there and Philip can likely still shot-put his way into the playoffs on this team. The AFCS is reasonably open. There is a decent chance the 2019 Titans were a fluke, the Texans are punching themselves in the dick as long as BoB is in charge, and the Jaguars are blowing it all up. Colts have a chance to do something.

Also I hope everyone is staying safely away from other people! This is some weird shit we’re living through right now and it’s going to get worse before it gets better, so I hope ya’ll are okay. I might have the time to update more frequently in the upcoming weeks because I no longer have a commute to worry about, but we’ll see. I’ve been using the extra free time to exercise more.