Last night, during the Hall of Fame game broadcast, the booth was having a conversation with Aaron Rodgers. They were talking about Nate Hackett. Rodgers was obviously very favorable to his friend and coach, only going so far as to say he had some “growing pains” in Denver last year. Notably, very little of the conversation was about Nate as a coach and much of it revolved around how Nate’s just a good guy. That might have said more than it needed to.

Sean Payton, on the other hand, said the quiet part loud. God I missed him.

Payton ripped ass all over Hackett last week, calling his stint in Denver last season one of the worst head coaching jobs in NFL history. It obviously caused discourse because you rarely ever see coaches say something so bluntly and directly. In fact, when Hackett finally addressed the comments earlier this week, that was his main point of contention. Payton broke an unwritten code of not being a meany bitch to fellow coaches. It’s true, coaches almost never directly criticize each other for anything. They know they can’t because it’ll turn into a media problem just like this did. Payton would sort of apologize for the comments later on, claiming he was still wearing his “FOX Analyst” hat and not his coaching hat.

Honestly, Payton’s always been a shit-stirrer jackass and that’s kind of what makes him fun. More importantly, while he can be criticized for saying it…was he wrong? He was not wrong. Hackett’s 2022 season in Denver was an unmitigated disaster; one that would have been far more widely mocked if we hadn’t just had Urban Meyer one year earlier. Hackett was brought on to woo Aaron Rodgers. It didn’t work. He was given a QB most people still thought was pretty good and went and had the worst offensive year you could imagine. Constant time management issues. Horrible playcalling. Absolute waste of a high-caliber defense. Hackett didn’t even survive a single season before getting sent packing. He’s not the worst coach of all time but he’s in the top 10, maybe top 5.

Now this season we have some very funny potential outcomes. If Denver sucks and the Jets are good, the Jets can fire back. If Denver is good and the Jets suck, Payton can shit talk even more. If both suck, it’s very funny. If both are good, well I guess good for them.