This season is all about the Bills baby. Adding to that team comic total. Padding my Bills comic stats. All of it in garbage time. The AFC East is very strongly represented in this site’s lore, with probably only the Dolphins getting ignored. They’ll get a comic later this week too.

I’ve actually left the Jets mostly alone this year, despite the fact that they might be worse. But that’s the thing. I don’t know who is worse. The AFCE every year is always The Patriots, followed by one mediocre team making an effort (usually the Dolphins but occasionally the other two), then a couple of buggers fighting to look even remotely competent. This year is no exception. The Bills are a meme team with something silly happening every week. The Jets are a limp dumpster, a rookie QB playing under a lame duck head coach. The Dolphins are the Dolphins, which is decidedly mediocre as we wait yet another season for Ryan Tannehill to finally break out. Spoiler: he never will. With the Patriots always blazing to victory each year, the only way to be interesting in the AFCE is to be the worst.

The Bills, despite a stellar defense and a rookie QB who surprisingly isn’t the worst, keep looking like garbo and then randomly spanking some hapless sucker. The Jets, who started the season like dynamic monsters quickly fell off a cliff as Sam Darnold started to look like the “bad INT” college player we saw last season versus the “Look at that upside” Darnold the Jets drafted. Josh Allen likes to run a lot and certainly isn’t as bad as I expected (especially since he has zero weapons) but he hasn’t seemed worthy of praise yet. It’s too early to call for either QB right now. Allen needs legitimate weapons to work with and Darnold needs a coaching staff overhaul since Bowles has to be gone after this. Darnold and Allen have both missed time due to injury. Watching these two duke it out for AFCE supremacy the next decade should be interesting, provided the Pats finally go away and either QB actually turns into a worthwhile player.

Both the Jets and Bills are 4-9. They split with each other. The Jets are technically still in last on the thinnest of tiebreakers. The Bills have to play the Lions, Pats, and Dolphins left. The Jets have to play the Pats, Texans, and Packers.

Okay yeah the Jets are gonna end up 4-12, this is their trophy to lose.