The widest receiver has been jettisoned. Of course about 2 hours ago Kelvin got signed by the Chiefs for some reason, but hey. The Bills finally trimmed the fat.

Benjamin is our newest Eddie Lacy, a player who got by in college on sheer athletic ability and never tried to become a better player.  While dunking on Benjamin for being a chubbo is fun (and easy!), his weight honestly isn’t a problem. Lots of football players are pretty solid proof that you can be big and still be effective, even healthy, and make it work for you. In a lot of ways honestly football is a pretty good case for that “healthy at any size” movement that sprung up several years ago. Offensive lineman are fat. Defensive lineman are fat. I would still call them athletes and honestly still call them reasonably healthy. The fact that they work real hard despite their size is a solid testament to body differences. The problem with Kelvin, and why it feels so fun to dunk on his ample real estate, is that his problem isn’t his fat. It’s the reason he’s fat. It’s because he doesn’t care.

Kelvin could absolutely use his size to become a formidable weapon if he bothered to try. I think a giant slab of WR could be a valuable asset in today’s NFL. Not quite a TE, but having a gigantic redzone target who can tower over people and box them out just by merely existing is a talent that could be exploited for significant gains. Look at Gronk. Half of the reason Gronk is who he is is simply due to his size and how well he uses it. If Kelvin bothered to learn how to run routes, or catch the damn ball, and put for effort on every play, he could be a matchup menace. But this is now two teams he’s managed to eat his way off of because he doesn’t seem interesting in getting better.

I’d also have a lot more sympathy for the guy if he didn’t trash Cam Newton as a bad QB after he left. That comment was laughable at the time and has aged like milk.

I’m curious to see if Andy Reid can get anything out of him. Reid has always seemed like an exceptional talent developer, maybe he can find the right motivation to get Kelvin off his substantial booty and play the way he could.

Happy Pearl Harbor day, everyone!