I feel like I’ve been pretty harsh on the Bills as of late this year. Maybe I’ve been a little too mean. Maybe they deserve to not cry so much. But, in my defense, this is a team that is breaking down barriers on funny things happening to them. Nathan Peterman is only a small part of why 2018 has been a hilarious disaster for the Bills. I haven’t even been able to comment on all of it. Let’s recap.

– Finally made a playoff game after 17 years, scored 3 points.
– Jettison the not great but stable QB who got them there
– Traded for AJ McCarron to be the starter.
– Traded AJ McCarron away after he got banged up in preseason. They could probably use him right now.
– Openly cheer Andy Dalton more than their own team
– Employ Nathan Peterman, quite possibly the worst QB to suit up and start a football game.
– Continue to employ Nathan Peterman, even while he is throwing an INT on average 11% of his dropbacks.
– Seriously, they employ Nathan Peterman
– Drafted Josh Allen, widley considered the biggest probable bust of all the QBs, a raw rookie who needs to be taught a lot
– Have best lineman retire due to age and wear/tear after finally seeing a playoff game. The same playoff game where they scored 3 points.
– Have second best lineman, a literal crazy person, retire, then demand to come back so he can be traded and continue to have a breakdown
– Stick raw rookie behind now completely depleted offensive line
– Star running back is accused of sending goons to beat up ex
– Trade Sammy Watkins for fatter, slower, worse Sammy Watkins, who then proceeds to trash Cam Newton as a bad QB while dropping passes from Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen
– Somehow annihilate the Vikings
– Pick up Derek Anderson as backup, must now play him after being on the team 10 days
– Raw rookie QB hurts his throwing elbow and if mismanaged could ruin his entire arm (which is his one strength), stay tuned on that one
– Actually have a good defense?

Did I miss anything? I feel like I still missed things. This is the real meme team this year. We are about to watch Derek Anderson vs Tom Brady on Monday Night Football and honestly I’m mad about it. The Bills season is likely already over, at this point I want Nathan Petermints back there. I want to see him shatter the single game INT record. I want the Bills, for at least one game they are going to lose anyway, just go full into the tank. Throw Peterman in there and just let the disaster happen. Own it. Instead we’ll get to see Derek Anderson suck. He’ll be fun, but less fun.

Also, like, I have to bring this up, but Colin Kaepernick is available and is definitely better than these two losers. The season is lost, pick up the controversy and make a spectacle out of it. Do it, Bills. Do it. You won’t.

EDIT: How the hell did I forget Vontae Davis retiring at halftime my god this team