I kind of love Bills fans. There is a weird sense of community there that doesn’t exist in larger market fandoms like the Giants, or Cowboys, or (insert other NFC east team that takes up too many primetime slots here). The Bills fandom has a distinct flavor. If you look really closely, it’s not actually that unique. Jags fans jump out to me as a very similar lot, but the Bills fandom still remains hilariously cultish in its own way.

It helps that the Bills have spent the better part of their existence punching the fans in the nuts. It creates the kind of carefree nihilism and enjoyment that comes with years of being a pile of shit. Bills fans love their team. They want that team to succeed. But they’ve been hurt enough times to know there’s a high probability it won’t work out, so let’s take in every moment and just enjoy supporting the team while we ride. This might change if the Bills actually win something, in which case they’ll actually get a big head about things and become far less likable. But until that happens, it’s a fun group.

I’ve met a lot of Bills fans in my day and they’ve all had the same general attitude. Go Bills! Fuck Yeah! Party! Lets scream that stupid BILLS MAKE ME WANNA SHOUT song and get blasted so after we lose I won’t care. I respect any fanbase that knows how to take a loss in stride. The Giants fanbase could learn a thing or two, although after a decade of spectacular failure we’re starting to have some of that “fuck it we suck lets goof” attitude creep in on the fringes.

It’s just an attitude I respect and personally strive for. I think sports are better that way. Taking everything personally and lashing out when your team sucks is a miserable way to live. Keep the mafia alive, Bills. It’s good stuff.

Thus ends Bills week. Do not expect a comic on Monday, I’m taking the holiday weekend off.