Goddamnit I just did a comic about the Bills last week, and now I hear Anquan Boldin retired.

I guess the Jets have legitimate competition now. Both teams have decided to just not even bother trying to knock off the Pats and instead went for the long term tank rebuild, maybe hoping that by the time they fix this shit Brady will have retired. The Dolphins continue to fight the good fight. Bless you, Dolphins.

I like that Anquan Boldin signed up, the Bills had the week from hell of trades and straight up admitting that “getting wins in 2017 is not a priority”, and then Boldin went “naw I’m out” and quit. Good ol’ reliable Anquan. One of the best #2 WRs out there. He will always be in consideration for the #1 #2WR in football history. He even won a championship on the Ravens! Good for him. He has a good career. Best not soil it in this trainwreck for your last season Andre Johnson style.

I wonder what it’s like to be on a team like this. What sort of mentality you have to have to even show up for work when your team is clearly not trying. Professional sports is a profession run on alpha male competitors and these long term “processes” seem like a great way to kill any momentum at all. How frustrated must LeSean McCoy be right now? Dude is a star, nearing the end of his prime, and now he’s settling in for a multi-year rebuild where the team straight up said it isn’t trying to win soon. Poor Joe Thomas on the Browns has to feel similar feelings of waste. Hell, what about Tyrod? Dude gets lowballed so he can keep a job on a team that doesn’t even expect anything from him and probably would be happier if he sucked so they can cut him for cheap and draft higher.

It’s not the worst idea in the long run, I suppose. The Bills before the trades and such were probably a 9 win team at maximum with no obvious pathway to the top nearby. Now they are probably about a 5-6 win team but planning to compete down the road. Maybe the long game is smart, but it sort of makes you wonder why you should even watch the team this year as a Bills fan. If the team doesn’t want to win, why show up? Maybe for the off-chance of parking lot sex?