We are not making enough noise about how the Colts have completely botched Andrew Luck. We could potentially be headed to another RG3 situation where a promising career start heads into the ditch because a team can’t handle waiting for an injury to heal properly.

Luck looked off all last year, making people wonder if something was wrong. Turns out, the Colts had been hiding a serious injury to his shoulder. So Luck was out there risking his health every week for wins that wouldn’t come because he was hurt. Teams are stupid. Luck is going to miss at least week 1 now with this ongoing shoulder injury that probably would have been fine if the man had been given time to properly heal. GOTTA GET DEM WINS! To be fair even like 4 wins could win the AFC South at this point.

Also to be fair, Luck needs to play a little smarter. That Stanford head isn’t the best at taking hits. Luck is way too prone to running and trying crazy stuff than he needs to be. He’s like Aaron Rodgers without the discipline. He takes far more hits than he needs to and it’s not going to help his longevity. (Edit- As a commenter mentioned below, the lack of talent protecting him and helping him is also a huge problem, but he still takes unnecessary risks more often then seems warranted)

I eagerly await the trash fire that the AFC south is going to be again. The Texans still don’t have a quarterback and that defense could regress a bit, and the Titans are still kind of a mystery as to if they are legit playoff contenders or AFC South playoff contenders, which is a very different thing. The Colts are possibly a third dumpster competitor, and the Jags are a comedy show at this point. It’s anybody’s game!

Please don’t die, Andrew. I like drawing your ugly mug.