Read this comic ten more times to get the full effect of what happened to Marcus against the Ravens.

Seriously. 11 sacks. Yeah, technically one of those is the “QB ran out of bounds behind the LOS” sacks that honestly feel like it shouldn’t count as a sack but like a QB scramble for negative yards, but even then, still absurd. I saw maybe 3 in there that I would lay at Mariota’s feet, including the rush out of bounds sack. The other two he should have gotten rid of the ball but held it just too long. The rest were absurd pocket breakdowns and excellent defense by the Ravens.

The Titans are weird this year. They lost everyone to injury in week 1’s marathon against the Dolphins. They eeked out a victory over a bad Houston team with special teams trickery. They managed to beat the Jaguars in the world’s ugliest game (the Jaguars also haven’t been the same since). They impressed the nation with a gutsy win over the Eagles. Everyone briefly paid attention to the Titans because this was a team finding ways to win despite not looking like they deserved it. Beating the defending champs with moves straight out of Doug Pederson’s playbook is great stuff and I was all on board the scrappy fighter Titans train. Mariota doesn’t look good, the line looks busted, and people are hurt, but this was still enjoyable football in many ways.

Then they lost to the Bills which is a massive loss of credibility, and then the Ravens completely spanked them. So much for being interesting. The Titans might still be scrappy but they won’t win any new fans this year looking like this. I’m always rooting for Marcus because I think he’s a cool and good dude but I’m starting to wonder about him, he’s not developing as well as he should be. He needs some honest weapons to throw to so that isn’t helping, but he could still improve.

I’m just shocked none of those 11 sacks ended up as roughing the passer calls. That’s the hip new thing. Way to be behind the times, Refs.