ALL HAIL KING HENRY, FIRST OF HIS NAME, SLAYER OF RAVENS, DESTROYER OF OLD BAY, TITAN OF BRAAVOS, UNLEASHER OF HELL. His second act as our king is to say nevermore to the Ravens. We obey his wishes. We do not wish to be eaten.

I mean holy shit can this Titans team actually do it? The Patriots were one thing. That was a wounded team, flawed, broken, uncharacteristically weak. Even with that Foxboro pedigree they felt ripe for an upset. But the Ravens? The best team in the NFL all year? A creative rushing powerhouse that was not only led by the league MVP and most electric player in football but a stout defense and expert coaching staff? A team that only lost two games all year, one to the #2 seed in a nailbiter and one fluke loss to a division rival? That Ravens? The Titans beat the Pats but they squeaked it by, essentially winning by 1 point until the garbage time pick 6. Tannehill was shit. Henry couldn’t do it himself again could he? This was the Ravens.

By god the madmen did it. Not only did they do it, but they did it even harder. They took the very soul from Baltimore. Make no mistake, the Ravens absolutely had a bad day and uncharacteristically made mistakes they normally don’t make. But you can’t just take all credit away from the Titans by saying the Ravens messed up. The Titans did it. They came to town and they crushed the #1 seed. The game was over by halftime and we just didn’t know it yet. Ryan Tannehill barely did anything outside that one beautiful TD pass and none of it mattered because DERRICK HENRY IS A MOTHERFUCKING MONSTER.

Derrick Henry not only ran for more yardage against the vaunted Ravens than he did against the Patriots. Earl Thomas, he of the poor word choice, became the poster boy for putting his food in his mouth when our lord King Henry STIFF ARMED THOMAS SO BAD THAT HE EFFECTIVELY TURNED THOMAS INTO HIS LEAD BLOCKER. He shoved the guy around, pushed his back, and effectively used him as a shield for an extra several yards. El Tractorcito is a god among boys. Praise be unto him. He even threw a fucking touchdown. Into triple coverage.

Coincidentally, Marcus Mariota was wide open on that play, and if there is a better summary of Marcus’s value with the Titans moving forward I haven’t found it.

In retrospect the Ravens got cocky and pulled the classic “we are the best, rest everyone, we’re gonna light it up” and then they came out sloppy against a team that had nothing to lose. Lamar had a weaker night. No, the stats are good. He had 500 yards. The only turnover you can really pin on him was the awful pick where Kenny Vaccaro undercut the route. The Titans dominated the line of scrimmage and punched the Ravens in the face. Lamar is going to get a lot of criticism by morons over the offseason (he already is) but the guy is 22, is the MVP, and has led his team to two straight playoffs. As long as things don’t go sideways (like via injury), Lamar is not the problem. Don’t blame Lamar.

Honestly? I think the coaching staff deserves the most blame. They looked flustered and unprepared for primetime. The Ravens fell behind and they looked completely unable to handle that. The Ravens are a record-setting rushing powerhouse and the sudden 14 point deficit completely threw them off. They panicked. Lamar’s rushing yards mostly came on panic scrambles, not designed plays. They failed on 4th downs. The Titans bamboozled the Birds by making them play Titans football, and Titans football is best played by Titans. Like human mountain range Derrick Henry! Praise be.

The Tennessee Titans are agents of chaos and I am all for them. I’m sad they have to go against Mahomes next week. I love the Chiefs too and wish Mahomes the best. But you can’t stop the team of destiny. Derrick is coming. No wall can stand in his way.