And now our good friend Ryan Tannehill has finally, finally begun his journey into the realm of the journeyman backup, where he was always meant to be. Unless you think he’s going to breakout. Unless you think he’s a star. Unless things happen as they have never happened.

It feels like it took this long purely because the Dolphins kept trying to make Ryan Tannehill happen. Ryan Tannehill would do just enough to maybe show flashes of a not mediocre to below average QB every year, and the Dolphins would keep him around. Every year, you’d see at least a few Phinheads predict that this year, Ryan Tannehill was going to take that next step. Ryan Tannehill never took that next step. Ryan Tannehill was on a treadmill the whole time. I don’t know this for sure but it feels like he was the longest tenured Dolphins QB since Marino. At least in terms of how long he was the designated starter, even though he spent over a season’s worth of time on IR.

I’m pretty happy about the Phins moving on. Ryan Tannehill was about as exciting as a pile of clay. Maybe the Dolphins will be interesting again this season. They just signed our favorite curse, Ryan Fitzpatrick. That makes this a very unusual situation! Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently the number 1 QB for the fish, he doesn’t have anyone to curse yet. I assume this means the Dolphins will draft a QB, start Fitz, Fitz will suck, new QB will start, new QB will get hurt, Fitz will come in, you know the drill.

This is also a solid move for the Titans, at least for this one year. The Titans gave up a 4th and a 7th and got a 6th as well as Tanny back. Tannehill might not be the answer, but he’s definitely one of the better options at backup in the league. Mariota hasn’t been the healthiest boy so some quality insurance here was necessary. Insurance that isn’t named Blaine Gabbert. Mariota is also a boy on the perpetual verge of a breakout season (same as his draft buddy Jameis, who we may finally know about for sure under Arians this year) so him and Tannehill can sit and discuss all their problems together as they ice up their injuries sustained walking into the locker room.

I predict Ryan Tannehill will play for…5 teams before he retires. I expect him to not last on the Titans past the 2019 season. I assume he will get some playing time this year, look good, and convince some team to pay him a bit to potentially start next year. He will be on that team for a couple seasons, then get cut, end up on a bottom feeder for a bit, and then finish his career as a backup behind a franchise QB and never sees playtime. Honestly, not a bad career all things considered. Plenty of money, only a few lifelong lingering injuries.